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The Captive Set Free, Part 1
/I want to share a true account of a series of events.  The events are recorded by the person who experienced them.  We are told in Scripture that Jesus came to set the captive free.  We will often relate this to the forgiveness of sins that He so graciously extends to us.  And while this is true, Jesus came to set some people free from another type of bondage.  I would like to share a testimony with you.  It is not a smooth and polished writing, it is just a simple testimony of someone here who was freed by Jesus Christ.  Here is that narrative:/
Hi, I was possessed by a demon which showed itself on December 2, 2011.  And, I was delivered from it December 4th.  I was delivered from it by God through my Pastor, his wife, and the congregation of the Church of the Nazarene.
I started attending the Church of the Nazarene when I was six. However, I drifted away when I was about sixteen years old.  I have always had anxiety since a young age, and especially for the last seventeen years.
I started having uncontrollable kicking and jerking of my legs, arms, and body.  So in 1995 I went to the emergency room at the hospital.  Having told them my symptoms, they gave me a blood test for drugs.  But of course, I was not on drugs.  They did not know what was wrong with me and so prescribed me Ativan to calm my nerves, and sent me home.
I continued to have the jerks of my arms, legs, head, and shoulders.  This continued for years, only to worsen.  Many times I went to the [several] hospitals only to be given more Ativan and be sent home.  I was told to go and see a neurologist.  I went to the clinic in [my town] and the doctor thought that I was having seizures and gave me Dilantin, which never helped. I felt more depressed.  With no insurance I could not get in to see a neurologist.  I even tried to pay cash, to no avail.
A couple of years ago I had two events occur where I had sever pain in my chest.  The pain was so sever and lasted so long that I started to roll on the floor, vomit and urinate on myself.  I realize now that it was demonic, however, I did not realize it at the time.  I continued to have the spells which increased in frequency and were now coming upon me daily, sometimes as many as six times a day.  I started going back to church thinking that God could help me.  While at church on a Wednesday evening, I had one of those spells/seizures in the pew.  The pastor, his wife, and the congregation prayed for me.  And, the pastor’s wife, Hilda, asked my mom if this could be demonic.  My mother said, “no,” because I never felt evil in these spells or seizures. I continued to try to attend church but I would have to leave because I would feel a seizure coming on.  By now we were asking the people of the Church to pray for me.  I continued to go to church when I felt like it, but I never felt good.
No matter where I was at; doctors office, store, home, at my mother’s, work, in my car, restaurants, I would often have a spell or seizure.  The body movements got worse, with my body twisting every which way and also at times I would become stiff as a board.  I would also have horrible smells come in my nose, my eyes would begin to flicker and then roll back into my head just before I would have a “seizure.”  My fingers would begin to hit the table furiously when my seizures would start.  While I was certain that loud noises, such as children playing, would trigger my seizures. I could not control any of this, but I was conscience of everything.  I could not stop it.  Sometimes I felt so strong I could almost climb the walls when I would have a seizure.
My family would pray for me and tell me that Jesus loved me.
I finally managed to get an appointment with a neurologist.  She diagnosed me as having pseudo seizures and told me it was not epilepsy, as this was not generating from my brain.  This was coming from within myself and that I should see a psychiatrist or counselor. At my first meeting with the counselor I became very nervous and starting looking around nervously as well as looking at the floor.  I had a “seizure.”  The counselor immediately made an appointment for me to see a psychiatrist the next day.
The next day I went to see the psychiatrist and had a difficult time talking as I was trembling and was experiencing the ticks that would come upon me before I would have a seizure.  He decided to give me sleeping pills and medication for depression and anxiety.  The medications did not seem to help much.
At this point I began to believe it was much worse than just seizures.  I realized this when I began to see black shadows at work and at home.  I saw the shadows mostly when I was alone.  I would also hear my name being called.  At first it was very soft then would get louder.  It always called my name three times.  I would walk though the house to find no one there.  And, a few times my bed would shake enough to get my attention and scare me.
As time progressed, my “seizures,” got so bad that my family knew that there was something terribly wrong.  My family and I were overwhelmed with what was happening. At times my mouth would open wide and make horrible sounds.  I would also make the craziest facies, noises and jesters with my hands and would just about climb the walls with an un-natural strength when I would have the “seizures.”  People around me would have to move everything out of my way when a “seizure” would come upon me. / //We will pick up the testimony from this point in the next newsletter./
James Craig Lead Pastor

Author: Allen Park

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