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The Captive Set Free, Part 2 of 3
/Last month I began to share the true testimony of a person who was truly set free by Jesus.  I will now pick up the testimony where I left off./
… A few people in my family were telling me that they thought it was something evil.  They thought this because when I would have these “seizures” I was giving them mean faces, like in disgust. But all the while I thought I was just mentally drained and that my facial expression was one of exhaustion from being drained from it all.  I thought I was showing frustration and did not think it was anything evil.  I thought I was just mentally losing my mind with this all. After a couple of more months of having the “seizures,” I was starting to get paranoid.  It was really bad everyday and I would be cleaning the house, or some other activity, and my nose would start snarling, like it would if a person were angry.  But, I did not feel angry.  I began to think “I am crazy, what is wrong with me?”  I became so depressed that I felt a dread like I could die.
On December 2, 2011, I had one of these “seizures,” at my moms house.  I believe that the demon was getting angry and more controlling.  I had been watching the “Twilight” and “Harry Potter” movies and was unknowingly allowing the increased demonic activity through this.  Plus, the members of the church were praying for me that the demon would reveal itself.  When this attack started, the demon was making horrible sounds and began talking in another language.  My eyes were wide open and the speaking of another language stopped for a minute.  Then it happened again, talking in another language.  I sat up on the floor and out of me came a horrible, witchy, voicing that was laughing and screaming “What are you all looking at, huh?”  The question was aimed at my mom, dad, son, niece, and nephew.
As this happened, my hands were making the signs of the devil horns.  Through me the voice said  “Why don’t you all gather around me and pray (laughing), call the preacher (hee hee) call the preacher.”
Inside I was praying for prayer and the preacher.  However, what I wanted to say came out in mockery!  I found that I was yelling and pointing at the kids saying “get them out of here.”  And continuously laughing in a witchy way.
My sister called the ambulance.  I knew that she was calling and I kept telling her that I was Ok now.  But, she called and insisted they come, and when she hung up, I started yelling: “Get her out of here!”  Over and over again I yelled in a witchy voice, “Get her out of here!”
After a period of minutes I seemed to come back into my mind, however, I was very aware of everything that had happened.  By this time everyone had left the house and the paramedics arrived and came in through the front door.  I was an emotional mess. They were very understanding and listened to everything I had to say.  I told them what had happened and they had a hard time getting me to go to the hospital.  I had been so many times before that I knew they could not do anything for me.  But I went anyway, to Memorial hospital in Springfield.  And, the results were the same, they sent me home.
On Saturday, December 3, we decided to call the pastor and told him that we now knew that this was not just seizures.  Pastor was out of town, so we made an appointment to see him the next day, Sunday.  I had several spells, seizures, throughout the night and was drained from everything that had happened.  I was so tired I did not make it to Sunday School that Sunday morning.  My mother did, and she talked to the pastor about how she thought it was a demon.  He then asked my mother to get me to the church and that they would pray for deliverance when I got there. My mother came and said: “Get dressed and let’s go to Church!  The pastor said to come now.”  On the way to the church the demon, which was inside of me, growled all the way there.  I felt very weak as we walked into the church, it felt like I was dragging my legs which were not wanting to go inside.  But I pushed myself and made it to the pew and sat with my mother.
A young boy and his sister sang a beautiful song that had me in tears, it was beautiful.  Then the pastor began to preach.  After a few minutes I started to get into what felt like a deep trance and fell to the floor.  My mother said: “Reverend she’s down.” Pastor then said that everyone who was not spiritually right with God should leave the sanctuary, he also had a couple of the ladies from the church take the all children over to the parsonage.  He said that this was a spiritual issue and that we needed to gather around in prayer support.
I am not sure how many, but I was surrounded by people that stayed in the sanctuary with me.  The demon was angered with all of them holding me down and praying, but all I could hear was mainly the pastor and his wife.  They spoke right to the demon with the authority of Jesus Christ and told the demon to come out.  At one point they asked the demon it’s name, but it would not give it, but would say; “leave her alone,” and would laugh at them like a witch and yell out in an angry way.  Then, when the pastor would ask anything of it, it would laugh that witchy mocking laugh.  The pastor’s wife would put her hand in front of my mouth and say, “No, stop, you are not going to mock.”  This happened several times.

Author: Allen Park

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