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The Captive Set Free, Part 3 of 3
*Jesus Christ is a Savior that is capable of setting us free form our sin as well as spiritual bondage. In this article we present the final portion of a testimony of a person who was truly set free.*
… The demon seemed to be getting tired and weak and rested for a minute and the pastor and his wife said, “No demon, by the power of Jesus Christ you are not going to rest, you are coming out!” At that time I was able to speak enough to answer a couple of questions while the demon was weakened.  They asked me is there was anything that I had done that I had not confessed and been forgiven for.  They asked this as the demon could hold onto that. One of the last few questions was “Have you ever had a card reading done?”  I said “Yes, many years ago.”  This angered the demon and we knew this was his stronghold.  After confessing this to the Lord, Pastor and his wife demanded the demon to come out by the power and authority of Jesus Christ.  The demon lifted up my body with force and yelled an ugly yell and I could feel a pressure in my head that traveled to my nose where it came out.  I then fell back on the floor with a feeling of peace.
I then asked God to forgive me everything, all my sins and I gave my life over to the Lord. I was so overwhelmed. December 4, 2011, I thought it was over. But then I was feeling it still hanging around and touching my back. So, Pastor and his wife came to my home, and we said a prayer to take back the ground given to Satan. I felt better for a few days, then it felt like it was back. So then they came back, and blessed EVERY room in the house and when we got to the basement, we prayed and as we were praying I had chills and felt weak. Then, I felt a rush of cold air pass me, Pastor said that he believed it was a spirit leaving the house.
I could still feel it hanging around and on Saturday, January 28th, I felt sedated as my head dropped and I couldn’t talk well, my son and mother lifted me to the floor. I was making devil horns with my hands, and curled up in the floor . Pastor and his wife came over and prayed with us until I felt better. On the morning of January 29th I was in church and Pastor asked everyone to fast and pray for me along with a couple other members of the church and there were a lot of people who said they would pray and fast for us starting on Monday. On Sunday evening, I was reading Ephesians 6:10-20 when I started to curl up and twitch and my mother and I prayed together and it went away. I felt as though it was a major victory that I won by wearing the armor of God. The next day it still continued to touch me on my back.
On Monday, January 30th, I had one of the worst spells that I have ever experienced. I was twitching, making devils horns, yelling at my son, laughing like a witch.  The demon was taking over and talking through me. My son was demanding that it leave me alone and would not back down from it, I could feel the fear this thing had for him. It knew that my son did not fear it. It was also doing horrible gestures to my mother. My son and my mother called Pastor and his wife, and they then called more people.  Pastor and his wife arrived first, then others from the church arrived. They held me down so that the demon would not throw me into the furniture, and they began to pray over me.  I also prayed when the demon would let me.  I had to fight to pray.
Pastor asked me if I thought we could go to the church.  We went to the church, although they had a tough time getting me there as the demon was fighting them. We prayed for several hours and realized that I had seven demons inside me. One by one we had to pray them out. The last was the hardest of all to get out. Total, it was about six hours to rid me of all of them. There was a small group of people there to pray for me and I am thankful for all of them.
After it was all finished I was baptized and I noticed something wonderful when we walked outside, everything smelled so wonderful to me and I just wanted to take it all in. We all sat around a bit and praised the Lord for all He had done and prayed for each other. When we left the church we came to my mother’s house with Pastor and others from the church and blessed it.
Since I’ve given my life to the Lord, the old me is gone forever! And now I’m all new! I am a Christian now, and I thank God for saving me in so many ways, and making me His own. This is the most wonderful transformation of joy anyone will ever have. I just want you all to know how good God is!  There’s nothing impossible with God.

Author: Allen Park

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