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A Message From the Pastor

February 2018

*Thy Kingdom Come* I would like you to think about, the following question – Why did Jesus come and are you fulfilling that reason? The reason that Jesus came to earth was so simplistic that many people of that day and today fail to see or understand it. And the reason that Jesus came was […]
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January 2018

Sanctity of Human Life     During the month of January we will celebrate a certain day as the day to remember the “Sanctity of Human Life.”  What we are to remember is that God has created human life and therefore human life has profound importance.  Actually all life has the touch of the Creator as […]
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November 2017

The Captive Set Free, Part 3 of 3 *Jesus Christ is a Savior that is capable of setting us free form our sin as well as spiritual bondage. In this article we present the final portion of a testimony of a person who was truly set free.* … The demon seemed to be getting tired […]
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